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April 14, 2009

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

For a couple of years now I have been going to this sweet secret junk spot and only on Tuesday mornings. I don't go every Tuesday, but I always know its an option. So, today I packed the girls up in the truck and we were off to our sweet junk spot. When I pulled in the drive nothing was out of ordinary, but my junk guy didn't come out to greet me. So I knocked on the door and his wife came out. I seriously thought he had passed away suddenly or something, but everything was fine. However, she told me that they had sold the house and they were packing up and moving to town. No more sweet junk spot?! I was devastated and seriously wanted to cry! What will Tuesdays be like with out having the option of going to this sweet spot. So I am left to mourn my Tuesday morning junk jaunts. When one door closes another opens...I'm waiting, I'm still waiting! Hope you all had a great day. Happy junking! jojo 


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Oh dear! My sincere condolences. Bless your heart. May the next door open soon. Sincerely. ~Mindy

SweetMelissa said...

Good luck on finding your next sweet junk spot soon!