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April 05, 2009

Friday Nite Junk Club

Finally, our first Friday Nite Junk Club arrived. We we're so excited and I have to admit a little nervous too because of course we wanted it to be perfect!
Friday was a crazy day. We were decorating, rearranging, proping, and cooking all day long. Before we knew it club nite was about to begin.  The OC's first club nite junkies arrived and got to peek around our farmhouse. Thank you for all your wonderful compliments.  

We feasted on bruschetta, bacon wrapped figs, cream cheese topped with a raspberry chipotle jelly, an asparagus tart, and Santa Fe cheese ball. For dessert homemade coconut and lime cupcakes. Of course I forgot to get the camera out and all of the food had been devoured, but I managed to get pictures of the cupcakes! 
Once the eating was out of the way it was Moss Time!
Our junkies got to pick from a selection of funky junky glass containers and then it was time to create! The terrariums turned out great. Everyone had a blast and managed to talk us into doing club nite every month! Thank you so much to everyone who attended our 1st nite. We had so much fun and can't wait until next month! Hope you all enjoy the show. jojo


JB Knacker said...

Sounds like a wonderful time for your attendees. What a menu!! Keep up the good work!! Brenda

kenziebr said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. Wish I wasn't 2 hours away, would love to attend one of your workshops. If you ever have one on a Sat. afternoon, would love to come! Enjoyed the slide show of the workshop!!! you go girl!

kenziebr said...

Forgot to add that I would LOVE your recipe for the lime and coconut cupcakes if you're willing to share the recipe!!! THANKS