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March 27, 2009

So Excited!!

I am so excited! These cute little metal drawers I listed on Etsy yesterday. Well this afternoon they made it to the front page of Etsy! Its the little things that can put a huge smile on your face. This afternoon we're off to go pick up a few more pieces of found junk. I will post pictures this weekend. Hope everyone has a great Friday. Happy Junking!!jojo

March 26, 2009

At Home Depot: You can do it & We can help!

Home Depot v.s. Lowes

Hands down Home Depot wins this battle. Today the girls and I ventured out to get our repurposing supplies for the polka dot drawers.

We went to Lowes first because it is closer to home and why not. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to do this project and need some expert advise. Well, the grumpy old grouch at Lowes was no help at all and I really do believe he thought I was just a woman with a stupid idea. Venting Alert: I wish I had made that mean old man feel stupid too, but I left with out making a comment!!!!
So I went to Home Depot. A nice young man helped me. We got it all figured out and we headed home and put it all together in less than 20 minutes. I like those quickie projects. Here is my new pipe leg table!! From now on I'm a Home Depot girl. Hope you all have a great day!! jojo

March 25, 2009

Spring Green & Repurposing

Ask anyone my favorite color is green and I'm starting to see it all over! The grass is starting to turn, the trees are starting to bud, and tulip leaves are poking out of the ground! With all this being said, it sure doesn't feel like Spring today. The wind is blowing and its darn chilly. So, being stuck inside I have listed a few items on etsy today. The funky rusty bowl is one of them. I added some spring green to it! You know those metal polka dot drawers/trays from the slide show well I want to repurpose them,

but I need to get to Lowes or Home Depot (sometimes thats easier said than done with the girls) anyways, I gots to get me some pipe, are you curious?? Stay posted, hopefully its one of those great easy ideas that is as simple as it is in my head. Do you know what I mean? They hardly ever are though!
Happy Repurposing!!jojo

March 23, 2009

Spring Makeover

Oh joy Spring is here at last!!
I had to change things up a bit here. It felt too winter like around, so I thought some bright colors and flowers were in need. We had a very busy Spring weekend. Saturday, Kasey worked on the storage building(which now has some walls Yippy!!). While I was inside cleaning up a storm for birthday party that evening. We were exhausted, but up bright and early Sunday morning for there was junking to be done. We left at 8 in the morning and didn't get home until 7:30 at nite! Junking is hard work, but someone has to do it hee hee hee! Here are some pics of our rescued junk.  Enjoy! jojo

March 18, 2009

Mission Junk

Spring was in the air yesterday and what better way to celebrate it than to go on Mission Junk.  This was purely a search mission at this point. A friend and I poked around an old abandoned farmhouse shown above. Awesome architectural salvage to be had. Beautiful chippy wood everywhere from old doors, screen doors, trimwork, and corbels. An old rusty farm gate and some metal feeders. A cutie pie rustic table was spied as well. It is so sad to see beautiful old farmhouses and barns just falling apart right before my eyes. If I could just rescue it all!!

The lists are starting to pile up for our Spring Sale. I have managed to design our flyers and postcards already, so those are ready to go! Its such a relief when I have those done. Now I just need to print them and distribute. Ah behind the scenes @ Old Crow, its craziness!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. jojo

March 16, 2009


Spring is in the air! I must apologize that I was MIA all of last week. Many of you couldn't wait for me to post pictures of our junk finds and as usual the trailer sat full until Saturday morning. Finally we unloaded and I have come to the conclusion that this is my least favorite thing to do. After waiting all week  I present to you some pictures. There are a few bigger pieces I didn't get pictures of that I need help moving so those will be coming. 

I didn't go junking this weekend and feel like I need to hooked up to a Junk IV. I'm craving more junk. Our sale will be here before we know it and our junk piles keeps growing, which only means one thing LOTS OF WORK to be done. I swear I work better under pressure. 

Today is Moss day! I'm ordering our Moss for the Junk Club Nite. We are making junk terrariums. Should be a junkin good time! I hope its Spring everywhere. Happy junking!!jojo

March 09, 2009


shhhh...Don't wake the children. I am enjoying the early morning hours alone. The girls are still a sleep and Kasey has left for work. Silence is hard to come by at our house, so when it comes to visit I try to take it all in. It's still dark out and it feels so peaceful. If I could drag myself out of bed every morning I could enjoy it more, but sleep is sometimes hard to come by too!

I had a great junking weekend, which I will update about later with some pictures too. I just wanted to let you all know we made it back from junk heaven. We didn't fall through any holes or in counter any scary racoons, but we did run into a lot of good junk.And of course Jb Knackers and Barntiques did not disappoint. 

Much more coming soon. I have a fun and busy day planned with my little ones. Have a great day and Happy Junking! jojo

March 05, 2009

Stairway to Junk Heaven

We are less than 24 hours away from going back to the greatest place on earth! Yes, I know I have already talked about this, but I'm so excited. One of our junking buddies sent me some pictures so I wanted to share. Below is the stairway to junk heaven. It's not pretty, but the good junk it leads to beautiful! I'm addicted and the rush is energizing.
There is a building and attached to it is part of an old abandoned house. The transom windows and old trim work are amazing! The staircase is kind of scary, but the junk hunk peaked upstairs and this trip we're going up. Yes! we'll be careful. Oh and there are the most beautiful chippy green spindles up there that would make the cutest rusty bugs.  

Here are a few more pictures of this place. To the untrained eye it really is just whole lot of junk, but you all know better than that! There a goodies tucked away all over the place.

Friday will be a good day and then Saturday I'm off to Jb Knacker's 'Spring Fever Sale' and Barntiques 'Lets Pretend Its Spring Sale'! Another full weekend awaits. Happy Junking! jojo

March 03, 2009

countdown to spring

~Countdown to Spring~

Today I am going to join Lisa B. over at  Lisa's RetroStyle and start counting down to spring! We only have a couple weeks left of Old Man Winter and good ridden I say!!  The rest of this week is supposed to be in the 50's I can't wait and I wonder if things will start to turn a little more green. Spring means more junking and fun projects!!  Here are few projects we've created for your spring gardens. 

We love our junk blossoms! Made from good old farm junk. The junk hunk made this blossom just for me as one of my mothers day gifts last year. Can't beat the gift of junk!
 And this funky thing we call a Rusty Bug. Made from a hodgepodge of salvaged items, just put him in our garden for some good old junk appeal!

It's so refreshing to think about Spring. Fun junking times await us! Happy Spring Countdown. jojo

March 01, 2009



We a wonderful, wonderful friend who took us to her top secret junk spot and OMG this place is unbelievable! Overwhelmed is the feeling you get when drive up to this place. You don't know where to start and everywhere you look there is another awesome piece. All day long we kept saying this is insane. And a lot of stuff was covered by snow, so there are buried treasures awaiting! For those of you who love to repurpose like we do, its a delightful dream. Of course I don't have good pictures of our junk finds b/c we haven't unloaded the trailer(what surprise), but is just a few I could reach.  I can't wait to start cleaning these lovelies up!

The best part is we get to go back this weekend! We're bringing a bigger trailer and hoping to get lots more. Our spring sale we'll be here before we know it and we want it to be A Spring Fling to Remember! Ahh the great Junk Hunt of 2009 continues...Enjoy the hunt! jojo