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February 26, 2009

~ Drawing Inspiration From My 2yr Old~

Oh the to-do list. We all have one and it seems to be growing by the minute. One of the items on my list was to get a few new things on our Etsy shop and of course I have my little helper. She is a big girl and always likes to help mommy. So, we were  getting ready to list this cutie pie vase, but we had nothing to put in it. Although, it may feel like spring outside, everything is very brown and boring. As we were looking around our living room for something I spotted Ella's construction paper flowers we had made a couple of weeks ago. However, they we're primary colors and that just wouldn't do. So we made flowers out of old sheet music. I love them I think there so whimsical and Ella said "good idea mommy", she cracks me up! I think they look so cute in the vase. Anyways  that is how I was inspired by my little helper. I think we might just make more flowers to welcome spring! Have a great day and Hope you all find a piece of cool junk that makes you smile! jojo

February 24, 2009

~In The Rough~

Wow, what a weekend! It was super busy. It started out with a sale Friday night, we loaded as the snow fell. Yes, I said that terrible terrible word SNOW. We didn't get home until very late and we were hungry! Luckily, I had a pot roast in the good old crock pot. However, I forgot to turn it down to low and I killed the roast. I never knew how people could ruin a crock pot roast, but ahh now I know. We were so hungry we ate it anyway, but it was pathetic.
The next morning we were up before the sun. Unloaded the truck and off to the next sale.  It was as ways from our farm and we got there with little time to spare. I absolutely hate getting to a sale late!!!! I like to take my sweet time and look over all of the goodies that await me. Goodies there were, lots of smalls. It was a great sale for parts and supplies to make our crow creations . It was a long day, we got home unloaded in the bitter cold with the wind whipping at our faces, I think we got everything in the barn in record time. 

Are you tired yet, Sunday was a crazy day with family, and then one of our awesome customers/friend called and told us about a cupboard(the very 1st picture) that we would love and should check it out. So the junking continued...
All of our finds are little diamonds in the rough that will shine with beauty very soon. I love it all, the hunt, repurposing or cleaning up, and the selling.  I'm coo coo for cool junk. Happy junking and wishing for Spring! jojo

February 19, 2009

~ Spring Cleaning ~ 

Kasey and I have been doing a little spring cleaning on our back porch. It is such a disaster area. A catch all for projects in waiting. Hopefully, someday it will be a room of its own, maybe a cute, fun, funky workshop for me. Anyways, we still have a few boxes from when we moved here over 2yrs ago. Most of the boxes we know what's in them, but this particular one we took the lid off and to our junking delight this was some of the things in it! 

My heart was a flutter when I saw these tarnished beauties! How could we have forgotten about them and the awesome green frog. Hello! I have not seen one quite like it in a very long time. The little wire wall mount basket will go perfectly in our new bathroom once it ever gets done(yes, we're doing that ourselves too). I'm trying to find the perfect spot for the tarnished pitchers(yes, I believe silver polish should be banished) they are just so beautiful the way they are! It's always so fun when you find junk treasures in your own backyard!

Off to a great sale this weekend and the trailer is ready to go. I can't wait, I need another junk fix somethin terrible! Have a great day and Happy junking. jojo

February 16, 2009

~I love these~


I found these on Etsy. They are moss terrariums. I love them and think I could become easily obsessed. Especially, in the dead of winter a nice punch of green in the house would do some good. The best part  is they are low maintenance require very little water, and just need indirect light. So, of coarse I  want to make my own moss terrarium, but add a little funky junk to it. I think I want to put the moss in our "Its a jar thing" Organizer and now terrarium. 
(~Its a Jar Thing Organizer

I'll just put all the jars upward with their lids on and there I'll have it! What do you think? Do you like them too? Now I'm on hunt to find moss. Happy junking and Moss hunting! jojo

February 13, 2009

~Project Junk~ What Would You Do?

Ready, Set, Brainstorm! I know how creative and extremely talented you all are, so I ask you what would you do? We picked up these super cool pieces on our trip down south last August. I think they are old exterior house vents. Anyways, we love them and it was one of those things that we couldn't pass up, but we weren't sure what we were going to do with them.
I've come up with a couple ideas. Idea #1: making a 3 tiered shelf with metal rods or something. Idea#2: Attaching them together some how and making a magnetic message board. Keep in mind these are just ideas and I haven't thought out the details.

So, I ask you my fellow junkers what would you do? Happy Junking jojo

February 11, 2009

Farewell To Country Home-Sneak Peak

I have in my hot little hands the last issue of Country Home. It's not out on news stands yet! It's a beautiful fresh spring cover! Yes, I've flipped through it the second the junk hunk gave it to me. Of course it did not disappoint and actually was more exciting than past issues. There are lots of repurposing ideas which was always my favorite part!

Old Crow was also lucky to get a quote on pg.21 about our favorite flea market. Right next to Ki's quote about the Junk Bonanza. When you get the issue be sure to check it out.

I'm still so sad, as you know there is nothing else like it!  I will put this issue along side  all the others we've collected over the years and I will go through them over and over again! Here's to wishing they'll bring it back someday. jojo

February 10, 2009

The Birds are Singing!

I just came back inside from the spring like weather. I actually heard birds singing their spring songs. I can't believe this weather in February, but its too good to be true. This weather has allowed Kasey has been able to work on our new storage building. We need more storage space and I'm sure we'll have this building full in no time too. As you junkers know once you start you can't stop!! Here is the bare bones of our new building.

**Yes, we are still fixing up our Barn!! The storage building is just for
our projects and items that we haven't cleaned up yet. The barn we 
want to be our shop and showcase building. We love our barn!

As the spring time weather has blessed us with its early appearance I wandered through the barn and found a few cement garden statues waiting to find that 
prrrfect home!

and I couldn't resist showing a picture of  Ella going down her yellow slide this morning all bundled up in her winter coat. Enjoy your day! I'll be listing new items in our shop so be sure to check back. Happy Junking, jojo

February 08, 2009

this & that

Ahhh is Spring here??? Mother Nature gave us the sweetest treat. It was a beautiful weekend warm, sunny, and it smelled like spring. It was the perfect junking weekend. I had the perfect junk spot picked out , thanks to one of our great customers, but only one little catch all of my babysitters had other plans. Now, I sometimes take the girls with me, but this junking trip was for mama only. Junking with a toddler and baby can be pretty challenging at times. My sweet sweet junk spot still sits waiting for me to come find it! I can't wait!! 

So that was that, then as I was playing on the computer I thought it was time to make a Fan Page on Facebook. Especially since this winter is all about promoting Old Crow and gearing up for our 3rd season!! 
So please check out Old Crow's Fan Page 

Now here comes the drama! Ok, well maybe I'm exaggerating just tiny bit. As you know our For the Love of Junk Contest is coming up Feb 12th so of course I'm sending out mailers to our customers with the contest details and our 2009 Events Schedule magnet(its just a fridge magnet with the sale dates on it). Now, one would think that mailing these would be no problem. HA!!!!! Oh so wrong as I was informed when I went to the post office yesterday. I had all of my envelops stuffed, sealed, labeled, and all I needed was the stamp. Unfortunately for me the magnets are too strong and will stick to the sorting machines and jam them. I was given 2 options. I could pay an extra 20 cents an envelop to be hand sorted and there still would be no guarantees Or I could rip open each envelop, wrap each magnet with a sheet of paper, stuff new envelops, redo the labels, and so on. is the pile of 140 envelopes and thank goodness the rest will be emailed out! Not exactly how I planned to spend my weekend, but come on its For The Love of Junk!!

I will post the contest details here sometime between now and Tuesday. I hope you all had a great weekend and that you fall in love with some good junk this week! jojo

February 04, 2009

Planning & Then More Planning!

It's time for us to start planning our annual junking trip down south to the  hwy 127 Longest Yard Sale.  Have you ever been? Its 4 days of hot sweaty junking bliss!! This year is especially going to **ROCK** because just me & the junk hunk are going. Usually we go with my parents and the kiddos. We usually start in Kentucky and go through Tennessee. It truly is junkers dream because you never know what you'll find up the road or around the next turn. As fellow junkers you know it's all about the thrill of the hunt! A usually trip consists of these few simple things: Eating, junking, and then more eating and junking! We always come back with a huge load and we have our special stops that we never miss. But the thing is you always have to plan early and book your hotel rooms or you literally will have to sleep in your car. We have been witness to many people being turned away because the hotels simple have no more rooms available. To the right you can see a quick slideshow for some reason I could put it in my post thats why its above it. Gotta go get more items listed on Etsy. Have a great day and keep junking!! jojo

February 01, 2009

chippy frame note board. Can you picture it?

I was not very productive to day. I managed to get only one project done. What do you think? I love how simplistic it is, but its super functional. Chippy frames are one of my favorite things and you can always use a note board for pictures, card, to-do lists.... So you would probably assume that I have one in my work area because I love this project so much, but you would be wrong, every single one that I have created I've sold. It's a vicious cycle do I keep it or sell it, over and over again?? And this one is going in Etsy shop! 

The rest of my day was pretty much spent eating! We went to a super bowl party at Kasey's aunt and uncles. Yummy! There was everything from sloppy joes to hot buffalo chicken dip to cookies and sweets. I don't think I need to look at food again for a week.  Well I think I shall be off to get my precious beauty sleep(ha ha!) Hope everyone had a great weekend and happy junk hunting! jojo