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February 10, 2009

The Birds are Singing!

I just came back inside from the spring like weather. I actually heard birds singing their spring songs. I can't believe this weather in February, but its too good to be true. This weather has allowed Kasey has been able to work on our new storage building. We need more storage space and I'm sure we'll have this building full in no time too. As you junkers know once you start you can't stop!! Here is the bare bones of our new building.

**Yes, we are still fixing up our Barn!! The storage building is just for
our projects and items that we haven't cleaned up yet. The barn we 
want to be our shop and showcase building. We love our barn!

As the spring time weather has blessed us with its early appearance I wandered through the barn and found a few cement garden statues waiting to find that 
prrrfect home!

and I couldn't resist showing a picture of  Ella going down her yellow slide this morning all bundled up in her winter coat. Enjoy your day! I'll be listing new items in our shop so be sure to check back. Happy Junking, jojo


Sweet Repose said...

You just ruined my day...6 that what's coming??? Very bad for the happy sliding pics, but spring is a heckava lot closer than it was, then we worry about floods...what next!


ps...the word verification is HYTOSIA...that's what we get when we delude ourselves of having an early Spring...LOL!

godfather said...

Will you still be fixing up the original barn, now that you are building a new one? I shall stop by sometime soon to check it out.


Dan V

Old Crow Farm said...

Most definitely we will still fix up the barn!! The storage building is for all of our projects and items that we haven't cleaned up yet. The barn will someday be our showcase and shop!

Gandree said...

I live in Florida and we are looking for Spring like everyone else. Imagine, I got up during the last cold snap and it was 27 (F) outside. That's a little cold for the azaleas.

I enjoyed seeing your statues. It's always so much fun to find them in unexpected places. :0)