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February 11, 2009

Farewell To Country Home-Sneak Peak

I have in my hot little hands the last issue of Country Home. It's not out on news stands yet! It's a beautiful fresh spring cover! Yes, I've flipped through it the second the junk hunk gave it to me. Of course it did not disappoint and actually was more exciting than past issues. There are lots of repurposing ideas which was always my favorite part!

Old Crow was also lucky to get a quote on pg.21 about our favorite flea market. Right next to Ki's quote about the Junk Bonanza. When you get the issue be sure to check it out.

I'm still so sad, as you know there is nothing else like it!  I will put this issue along side  all the others we've collected over the years and I will go through them over and over again! Here's to wishing they'll bring it back someday. jojo


Vintage Sue said...

Devastating, but at least you're in the keepsake issue (and alongside good company, namely, Ki)!!!

one gal's trash said...

Thanks for stopping by again! Love the junk jibberish concept but how in the world could I ever choose my favorite? So many hurt feelings around here...I'll come up with something.
Pam ~ One Gal's Trash

Old Crow Farm said...

thats the best part about the contest you can have as many posts as you want. Then your name goes into the drawing a lot too. You could win with all of your favorites!jojo