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February 08, 2009

this & that

Ahhh is Spring here??? Mother Nature gave us the sweetest treat. It was a beautiful weekend warm, sunny, and it smelled like spring. It was the perfect junking weekend. I had the perfect junk spot picked out , thanks to one of our great customers, but only one little catch all of my babysitters had other plans. Now, I sometimes take the girls with me, but this junking trip was for mama only. Junking with a toddler and baby can be pretty challenging at times. My sweet sweet junk spot still sits waiting for me to come find it! I can't wait!! 

So that was that, then as I was playing on the computer I thought it was time to make a Fan Page on Facebook. Especially since this winter is all about promoting Old Crow and gearing up for our 3rd season!! 
So please check out Old Crow's Fan Page 

Now here comes the drama! Ok, well maybe I'm exaggerating just tiny bit. As you know our For the Love of Junk Contest is coming up Feb 12th so of course I'm sending out mailers to our customers with the contest details and our 2009 Events Schedule magnet(its just a fridge magnet with the sale dates on it). Now, one would think that mailing these would be no problem. HA!!!!! Oh so wrong as I was informed when I went to the post office yesterday. I had all of my envelops stuffed, sealed, labeled, and all I needed was the stamp. Unfortunately for me the magnets are too strong and will stick to the sorting machines and jam them. I was given 2 options. I could pay an extra 20 cents an envelop to be hand sorted and there still would be no guarantees Or I could rip open each envelop, wrap each magnet with a sheet of paper, stuff new envelops, redo the labels, and so on. is the pile of 140 envelopes and thank goodness the rest will be emailed out! Not exactly how I planned to spend my weekend, but come on its For The Love of Junk!!

I will post the contest details here sometime between now and Tuesday. I hope you all had a great weekend and that you fall in love with some good junk this week! jojo


Every piece of junk is someone's memory. said...

Congrats on your quote in our favorite magazine! How do they figure out what mags go? It seems that EVERYONE loved it and drooled over it! Hey thanx for checking us out and adding us to your list! I am so HONORED! My house is turned upside down with junk! The poor dogs and cats don't even know the newest detours and under construction areas! Good thing my husband is supportive! Besides who needs more than the bed(or at least part of it), path to the potty, and food. Yes, I already have the tv on a table. Gotta get to workin! thanx again. kay