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December 30, 2008

Exciting Times!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas. It has been so busy I am looking forward to things slowing down a bit. Looking forward though, here is the 2009 Events Schedule. We might be adding another event, but its in the early planning stages, so keep posted!

Today was an exciting day. Country Home magazine came out to the farm and shot some photos of projects we've created. See if you can spot Old Crow projects in Country Home in the months to come. It amazing how many pictures they take of the same shot just to get the perfect lighting, shadow, and overall picture. It was so much fun to see how it all works.

I hope all of you have a fun & safe New Years!  Happy Junking in 2009, jojo

December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas from Old Crow!
The most precious gift is family. Take time to relax 
and enjoy what's most important! Have a happy and 
safe holiday. Kasey & Jordana

December 14, 2008

jolly junk recap

Finally!!! No, I didn't forget, but there is always so much going on. Especially, with Christmas a week and half away! 

 Now here's a little recap of jolly junk. So, the plan was pretty much the same as our past events, we'd setup a tent & in a small part of the barn but, it is December in Iowa, and with only two days until the sale, we found out the ground was too frozen to put up the tent. Ha!!! Needless to say we were not very jolly at that moment; but, my husband came up with a plan. Using salvaged doors, we built  wall to block the wind; and the set up began.   We definitely could not do this without our families. My husbands family watched our girls while my mom helped setup and my step dad put up the christmas lights. Have I mentioned that it was FREEZING! On the eve of Jolly Junk, we were still working in the dark at midnight and still coming up with last minute projects. We managed to get about 3 hours of sleep and then we were "up and at 'em" getting last minute decorating and pricing done. It can be pretty crazy, but its not all work and no play; like me doing a little song and dance to Santa Baby @ 5 a.m. In the end the we turned our barn and the area outside into a junker's winter wonderland. It was so nice to see our Old Crow friends & new faces too! They were all hardcore troopers, it was so windy & cold out!! Our goal for next year is that Jolly Junk will be in the barn and maybe even some form of heat!!! Oh ya, my little cardboard house, I went kinda crazy buying them, but they were little hot cakes, everyone had a little pile of them. I was excited to see that you girls liked them too.  

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Our juNk SHoP is now online. Take care. I'll talk to you soon. Holly Jolly Junking to All! jojo

December 08, 2008

A Quick Note

Craziness!!! I wanted to get a quick  little note off to all of you.  Frosty Jolly Junk was freezing!!! But fun thanks to all of you hardcore junkers!! I will get pictures or even better a slide show up soon so more details to come. 

We have some exciting news for all of you last minute Christmas shoppers! We are going to start selling our crow creations on our website. Hopefully in the next day or two. Check it out!! Thats my big project for tonite. 

I have so much to jibber jabber about....but I need to get busy on some projects.  I promise to get back soon to give you the insider scoop on life before Jolly Junk! Happy Holiday Junking. jojo

November 30, 2008

Old Crow T-Shirts Are Here!!

Yippy! Our Crow T's are here. Just in time for Saturdays sale. The perfect holiday gift. 
With only a few days left until jolly junk our house has been over taken by junk projects. Old christmas balls & lights scatter about, bags overflowing with ribbon,  vintage cookie cutters waiting to be transformed into ornaments, old game cards piled high ready to be placed on wire wreaths, pine cones waiting to be put on their pedestals, and the list continues.... and thats just in our house!! We can't wait to see you all and hope you had a happy thanksgiving with your loved ones. jojo

November 24, 2008

Sneak Peak

The holidays are about to begin. Gobble Gobble day is just a few days away and we are under the two week mark for jolly junk. Incase your hungry for some cool junk I wanted  to tease you with one of our Crow Creations that we have been working on for the sale. This is our Salvage Angel we have made from rescued junk(seriously). Yes, your funky junky elves have been working on lots of fun projects like this to put under your tree. We would love to hear comments from you, so if you have some jibber jabber of your own do share. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! jojo

November 17, 2008

Weekend Update

Hi all! Wow was it a crazy weekend! Friday nite we had planned to go to an auction up in Winterset. We were excited, we live for junk adventures. So, it was just getting dark, the sun was setting, it was a nice fall evening and then....there was no time to react....there was a buck right in front of us....and BAM!!!  It was like someone had just dropped it right in front of us. We hit the deer. Needless to say we never made it to the auction and like we told our 2 year old the truck needs to go to the doctor!

Saturday morning I woke up early, yes still thinking (THAT SUCKS about the truck!), but I managed to put it behind me & head back out for another try at getting to an auction. I was cruising down the highway, snow was falling, and I was singing to my Christmas Songs. I made it to the auction yippy!! It was at an old hardware store in a little town called Russell. The building was awesome it had old chippy painted tin ceilings & beautiful built ins. I found some goodies! Old tin, great tables, old drawers, some advertising pieces, it was definitely worth being out in the freezing cold all day!

Ok, one more thing about this weekend, and then I need get my email flyers sent. I was flipping through Country Home magazine and there was a whole article on my Too Cute Cardboard Houses. I couldn't believe it!! Take care & Happy Junking!!  

November 09, 2008

Too cute !!

 As promised, here is a picture of the cardboard house/church. Isn't it cute? 

November 08, 2008

First things first, I woke up to the first dusting of snow for the season. I have mixed emotions about this. On the one hand it puts me in the holiday mood and on the other hand it means old man winter is knocking on the door! However, I must admit that I have already started listening to my Christmas music. 

Jolly Junk is right around the corner & I have been on the hunt for vintage christmas items. I have just stumbled across the cutest holiday cardboard houses. I think I'm in love, they are so vintage & just so sweet. You will have to keep your eye out for them on Dec. 6th. I will try to get a picture of them uploaded soon. Until next time Happy Junking!

October 24, 2008

Junkin Pumpkin

Your thinking "what is a junkin pumpkin?" Well, we always try to have one new crow creation at each sale, so the junkin pumpkins were the must have for the harvest sale. If your bummed you didn't get one, there's still time, just send us an email for more info.

I'm super excited because I got our harvest sale slideshow done finally! So be sure to check it out.

Tomorrow I'm off on a junk adventure. There's much to do, only 43 days until jolly junk. Until next time, Happy Junking! 

October 22, 2008

Fall has arrived

Fall has definitely arrived here at Old Crow. Brrr is it a chilly one today! 

We just had our Harvest Sale! It was a great success, thanks to all that made it out. If you happened to see the pictures of this sale on our website you might be thinking there weren't that many and you'd be right. We totally forgot to take pics before we opened the gates, so the pictures were from day 2.

Our Crow family is why we wanted to blog. We love talking with all of you at our sales & thought this would be a fun way for us to share what happens at Old Crow. So lets start the jibber jabber!