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November 30, 2008

Old Crow T-Shirts Are Here!!

Yippy! Our Crow T's are here. Just in time for Saturdays sale. The perfect holiday gift. 
With only a few days left until jolly junk our house has been over taken by junk projects. Old christmas balls & lights scatter about, bags overflowing with ribbon,  vintage cookie cutters waiting to be transformed into ornaments, old game cards piled high ready to be placed on wire wreaths, pine cones waiting to be put on their pedestals, and the list continues.... and thats just in our house!! We can't wait to see you all and hope you had a happy thanksgiving with your loved ones. jojo


Goat Mom said...

I love your blog-- and your cool stuff! Can't wait to see you tomorrow! :)

-The Crazy Goat Lady

JB Knacker said...

Hope your sale was a great one. You had a beautiful winter day for it. We had Gilbert town events going on Saturday, and I was in charge of Santa getting to town(a lot of pressure)and so therefore missed coming your way. Keep up the good work on the website and blog ~ very fun! Brenda