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November 17, 2008

Weekend Update

Hi all! Wow was it a crazy weekend! Friday nite we had planned to go to an auction up in Winterset. We were excited, we live for junk adventures. So, it was just getting dark, the sun was setting, it was a nice fall evening and then....there was no time to react....there was a buck right in front of us....and BAM!!!  It was like someone had just dropped it right in front of us. We hit the deer. Needless to say we never made it to the auction and like we told our 2 year old the truck needs to go to the doctor!

Saturday morning I woke up early, yes still thinking (THAT SUCKS about the truck!), but I managed to put it behind me & head back out for another try at getting to an auction. I was cruising down the highway, snow was falling, and I was singing to my Christmas Songs. I made it to the auction yippy!! It was at an old hardware store in a little town called Russell. The building was awesome it had old chippy painted tin ceilings & beautiful built ins. I found some goodies! Old tin, great tables, old drawers, some advertising pieces, it was definitely worth being out in the freezing cold all day!

Ok, one more thing about this weekend, and then I need get my email flyers sent. I was flipping through Country Home magazine and there was a whole article on my Too Cute Cardboard Houses. I couldn't believe it!! Take care & Happy Junking!!