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October 28, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

Jolly, merry, and bright we are in full Christmas mode getting ready for Jolly Junk. I know Halloween hasn't even made its appearance yet, but the funky junky elves are hard at work! We created this whimsical winter tree on Saturday afternoon. The idea just popped in my head and within the hour our whimsy winter tree was born! I love those "ah ha" moments! Of course I couldn't wait to share:)

I must confess that I have broken the cardinal rule of blogging. I forgot to take pictures of my junk collection from Saturday. Shame on me! Sometimes I am so bad about that. It was quality over quantity. There was a yummy pie safe that had to come home with me, a white shabby metal table, some ephemera, old brass jingle bells, two cute tarnished ringy dingy service bells, and some other odds and ends.

Until next time, have a Happy Halloween and Jolly junking!! jojo

October 23, 2009

Need a Junk Fix

I am in need of a major junk fix!! I've been doing a little junking here and there, but I am craving a good farm auction!! It has been a little while and now that are sale is over watch out jojo is ready to JUNK!! I have found a sale for Saturday and I am super excited. Hopefully I will come home with a big load!! Keep your fingers crossed for some good pictures.

On another note, last night we attend JB Knackers Entrepreneur Night as part of the panel. It was an awesome evening of shopping, eating, and connecting with others. I am hoping another evening will be in the works, as I think there is so much information to share and one great evening left us wanting more.

Things at the farm are crazy as always. We are gearing up for our 2nd Annual Jolly Junk event on Dec. 5th. Gather your family and friends and please join us in starting a new holiday junking tradition!
Take care, stay healthy, and Jolly Junking!! jojo

October 15, 2009

Harvest Market 09'

We are so blessed to have the best customers ever!! When I woke up Saturday morning I could see snowflakes falling from the glow of the porch light. I didn't think much of it at the time, but when I headed outside to get last minute sale stuff done I realized that it was sticking to the ground and everything had a fluffy coat of fresh snow on it. At which point I was hoping, really hoping, that the element of snow would just make our market that much more fun and memorable and it was!!

Kasey and I greeted all of our hardcore junkers at 9:00 and the crazy crow madness began. After all of our hard work it is so much fun and so rewarding to see all of you having fun and finding that little something that you can't live without.

Many of you asked if we would be having our Jolly Junk Market this December and the answer is YES!! Your funky junky elves are reporting in and can hardly wait to create some fun holiday junk!

Again thank you to all of our awesome customers and to our family and closest friends that helped us with our Harvest Market. Happy Junking jojo