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April 30, 2009

Fresh Flowers

Thank you girls so much for all of your sweet birthday wishes!
I love flowers and my junk hunk and Ella Rose surprised me with this simple arrangement(minus few tulips the cat ate!)
Its back to business today. Lot to do I need to stain and stamp our price tags. The house will smell yummy with the aroma of coffee,vanilla, & cinnamon when I am done. Then I need to print & cut more sale flyers. Many little to-do's.
Exciting news just in time for Mother's Day the OC has gift certificates! If you are interested just send me an email Redeemable at both our Etsy shop & occasional sales. 
So I will work hard today & play hard tomorrow.  My mom & I have a girls day planned(no babies) just me and her. I can't wait!!! It seriously has probably been since before Ella was born that we have done something just the 2 of us and thats been 3yrs. What do we have planned you ask? Of course Junking!! We are headed to the Whatcheer flea market. It never disappoints, even if it is wet & muddy. I will take lots of pics, if I remember my camera that is. I'm terrible at forgetting it! Anyways, have a beautiful day, happy junking! jojo

April 28, 2009

On The Eve of My Big 3 0

I know this has nothing to do with junk, but this is one of the big things happening in my little world. Tomorrow, I turn the big 30 and I'm dreading it, but am embracing a fresh start too! Many have said it's just a number and really I know it is, but its kinda sad to say good by to my young and crazy 20's. Looking a head it's so nice to know I am happy & settled. I have a wonderful husband, 2 fun & spunky little girls, and I get to do what I love Junk. What a way to start the next chapter!  I would love to hear any words of wisdom or just some funny talk to celebrate my BIG 30. Thank you to all my devoted readers. I love reading about your lives and hearing about all your junk! xoxo jojo

Enough about me! Happy 1st B-day to my sweet little lulu!!!!!

April 25, 2009

Work Zone!


Happy Saturday to all! I am getting ready to head out to our new storage building to make our junk beauties sparkle. Top secret work will be going on. We like to keepthings a surprise for our sale, so I will post before & after pics later. Although, you might be able to talk me into giving you a
sneak peak here and there:)

I have my mom and my little junker in-training(Ella Rose) heading up to Kay's Barntiques Sale. I hope they find some yummy junk for me. 

Its a very gloomy day... a perfect work day! I hope all of you have a great one and happy junking!! jojo

April 24, 2009

Funky Junky Friday

~Old Crow Presents~
Funky Junky Friday 

Yes, Funky Junky Friday's, every Friday I will highlight some fellow junkers cool rescued junk project. Please email me your projects and I will highlight your work! If you have a blog I will link to it, so all can see your awesome talents.

This Friday is a cool succulent junky planter. The container is an old school chalk tin. Add a  funky succulent plant and for a little more punch of cool this junk composer put a little old rescued metal do da in there too! Thanks Em. Its awesome. A perfect mom's day gift idea.

We like to share the love of junk here so send me an email( & I'll post your idea on our Funky Junky Friday's. xoxo jojo

April 22, 2009

Junkers Are The Earth's BFF's

Happy Earth Day!

Today got me thinking...junkers really are an important resource to mother earth. We are green machines! We recycle, upcycle, repurpose, & reuse junk that would otherwise clutter up our earth. We see beauty where others do not. We are the true meaning of green. So, as Mother Earth's BFF's rescue a little cool junk today! jojo

April 21, 2009

The New Junk Jibberish

Look to your right. Do you see it. This is the our new version of  Junk Jibberish. I felt like we had to many things going on and I wanted to consolidate. This new version allows you to have live trash talk with your fellow junkers. Its not exactly the same as a message board, but I think its better. If you know of sales going on just post it and I will gather them and make a master list. You can post anything from cool junk ideas to questions about what you should do with a piece of junk you just got! Let us know what you think. Its super easy! Let talk some trash!! jojo

No Work~All Play

AHHH! There is work do be done? No way! The junk hunk & I had decided no more weekend junking until after our sale. The remaining weekends are devoted to funking up all our junk. Well, I had to make an exception. Sometimes you have to break the rules. Remember my little junk spot that was no more, well they auctioned off all of his junk this past Saturday and I couldn't pass it up. It was now or never. I arrived at the sale @ 9:30am(in the rain) to look things over and I didn't return home until 7:30pm! What a long day, but what a good haul we got!  2 pick up loads full and a trailer full!!! Can you believe it, I was totally surprised.  
Then came Sunday, finally we got to work! Sanding, scrapping, hammering........ all day! Um we didn't even scratch the surface. We will be busy little funky junky elves in our workshop for the next 3 weeks! NO MORE SALES. I'm not going to even look,peak, or glance at any kind of advertisement, sale bill, or paper ........ I'm not listening. Don't tempt me please. Which is really disappointing because Kay over @ Barntiques is opening her barn doors this Saturday. Bum me! I'll have to see if my sweet mama will go check things out for me! Jo Mama are you reading this???
I'll save more of my ramblings for tomorrow. 
Hope you have a great day! and Happy Junking!! jojo

April 17, 2009


Upon request here is the recipe for the Lime Cupcakes. Are you ready? Its so super easy!

 1 box of white cake mix and make as directed
& add
 1 tablespoon Lime zest ( depending on how limey you want add more or less)

Frosting: Is from Rachel Ray here is the recipe
Instead of adding the milk I just added fresh lime juice.

Top with a little more zest and there you have Lime Cupcakes.
This is a perfect example of how good food doesn't have to be hard to prepare. Yummo! jojo

April 16, 2009

Rescue Me

Thought of the Day......

Burn Piles Should Be Banned!

These sweet arch pieces and rocker were almost burn victims. My junk hunk says I'm dramatic, hmmm I wonder why? Anyways, my mother in law called me this morning and said that a lady from church wanted to know if we wanted these pieces, otherwise she was lighting the match!  OMG  STOP DRoP & Roll. Yes we will take them. These beauties will be a nice addition to our Spring Fling Sale. As junkers I think its our responsibility to teach others the danger of playing with matches. Just  say no to burn piles! Until you call your favorite junkers that is. Happy junking. jojo

April 14, 2009

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

For a couple of years now I have been going to this sweet secret junk spot and only on Tuesday mornings. I don't go every Tuesday, but I always know its an option. So, today I packed the girls up in the truck and we were off to our sweet junk spot. When I pulled in the drive nothing was out of ordinary, but my junk guy didn't come out to greet me. So I knocked on the door and his wife came out. I seriously thought he had passed away suddenly or something, but everything was fine. However, she told me that they had sold the house and they were packing up and moving to town. No more sweet junk spot?! I was devastated and seriously wanted to cry! What will Tuesdays be like with out having the option of going to this sweet spot. So I am left to mourn my Tuesday morning junk jaunts. When one door closes another opens...I'm waiting, I'm still waiting! Hope you all had a great day. Happy junking! jojo 

April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

We have a full day planned! As we speak Kasey is doing the dirt work for our almost completed building. Yippy!! Yesterday, Kasey and his friends got the roof up! This building is a necessity at this point because our barn is oh so full!

I am baking an Oatmeal cake with a almond and coconut topping at this very moment. The easter baskets are full. We will celebrate with family later this morning. Hope you all have a wonderful day! Its a beautiful spring day here. xoxo jojo

April 09, 2009

Spring Fever!

~just a few of the little junk beauties we found yesterday~

It's Spring and I've got junk fever something bad! I'm jones'in for junk all of the time. A girlfriend and I went out all day rummaging through cool junk. You would think that would be enough for me, but oh no, there is a sweet sale tonite that is calling my name. It won't shut up!! Then tomorrow I'm going junkin with my sweet mama and little girls. That will mean 3 straight days of junking. Ahh some would call it insane, I call it bliss!
Most of my junking these days must take place during the week because the weekends are for devoted to working on all of this stuff. Our sale is a month away!! On a side note somewhere in between all of this junk I need to squeeze in my Greys marathon. I haven't seen it in weeks. I'm hoping tomorrow nite might be the nite! Better get busy. Happy Junking. jojo

April 06, 2009

Monday Metal Project

I think, ok I know, I am metal obsessed! This whole industrial farm junk modern thing is like right up my alley!! We have had these cool metal trays sitting around for months and months. I have always thought they had a great patina to them, but they have always been over looked at sales. So, I decided to do something with them. I envisioned a metal shelving unit. A perfect table top organizer or plant stand you catch my drift. I must admit ladies that this project the junk hunk took the lead, but it was my vision and idea!!! This is what we started with...

and this is what we ended up with!! Just as I had pictured it.
I heart Metal! Happy Junking. jojo

April 05, 2009

Friday Nite Junk Club

Finally, our first Friday Nite Junk Club arrived. We we're so excited and I have to admit a little nervous too because of course we wanted it to be perfect!
Friday was a crazy day. We were decorating, rearranging, proping, and cooking all day long. Before we knew it club nite was about to begin.  The OC's first club nite junkies arrived and got to peek around our farmhouse. Thank you for all your wonderful compliments.  

We feasted on bruschetta, bacon wrapped figs, cream cheese topped with a raspberry chipotle jelly, an asparagus tart, and Santa Fe cheese ball. For dessert homemade coconut and lime cupcakes. Of course I forgot to get the camera out and all of the food had been devoured, but I managed to get pictures of the cupcakes! 
Once the eating was out of the way it was Moss Time!
Our junkies got to pick from a selection of funky junky glass containers and then it was time to create! The terrariums turned out great. Everyone had a blast and managed to talk us into doing club nite every month! Thank you so much to everyone who attended our 1st nite. We had so much fun and can't wait until next month! Hope you all enjoy the show. jojo

April 02, 2009

Out of the loop

Whats up? I have totally been out of the loop for a week. I haven't posted anything and I haven't had time to read all of your wonderful blogs. One word VISITORS!! My dad and sisters were here from Colorado for several days. When you have company staying at your house you lose touch with your normal life. I missed all of your stories about Warrenton and much more I know. However, I didn't stop junkin just because the family was here! I just took them with me he he:) I bet you all can't tell that I like to make slide shows! Here's another short one of the junk finds from this past weekend.

I am so excited, tomorrow  is the OC's first Friday Nite Junk Club. I can't wait. Our junk project is going to be Moss Terrariums. The moss is beautiful, we found some funky junky glass containers, and of course the appetizers have been decided upon. I will be busy cleaning containers and making the house all pretty and springy. I will post pictures and all the details of our first club nite. So glad to be back. Now lets see if I can get caught up! Happy junking. jojo