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April 21, 2009

No Work~All Play

AHHH! There is work do be done? No way! The junk hunk & I had decided no more weekend junking until after our sale. The remaining weekends are devoted to funking up all our junk. Well, I had to make an exception. Sometimes you have to break the rules. Remember my little junk spot that was no more, well they auctioned off all of his junk this past Saturday and I couldn't pass it up. It was now or never. I arrived at the sale @ 9:30am(in the rain) to look things over and I didn't return home until 7:30pm! What a long day, but what a good haul we got!  2 pick up loads full and a trailer full!!! Can you believe it, I was totally surprised.  
Then came Sunday, finally we got to work! Sanding, scrapping, hammering........ all day! Um we didn't even scratch the surface. We will be busy little funky junky elves in our workshop for the next 3 weeks! NO MORE SALES. I'm not going to even look,peak, or glance at any kind of advertisement, sale bill, or paper ........ I'm not listening. Don't tempt me please. Which is really disappointing because Kay over @ Barntiques is opening her barn doors this Saturday. Bum me! I'll have to see if my sweet mama will go check things out for me! Jo Mama are you reading this???
I'll save more of my ramblings for tomorrow. 
Hope you have a great day! and Happy Junking!! jojo


Vintage Sue said...

Rules were meant to be broken. Maybe go, but bring no money?

SweetMelissa said...

I know you probably want to keep most of your sale items a surprise for now but please do post lots and lots of before and after pictures...after the sale and you need a break from sanding. (The only part better than the thrill of the hunt is the reward of a happy customer, don't ya think?)