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April 21, 2009

The New Junk Jibberish

Look to your right. Do you see it. This is the our new version of  Junk Jibberish. I felt like we had to many things going on and I wanted to consolidate. This new version allows you to have live trash talk with your fellow junkers. Its not exactly the same as a message board, but I think its better. If you know of sales going on just post it and I will gather them and make a master list. You can post anything from cool junk ideas to questions about what you should do with a piece of junk you just got! Let us know what you think. Its super easy! Let talk some trash!! jojo


Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Hey Jojo! I tried to post to you chatter box...I don't know if I didn't do it right...I didn't see anything come up.
I was going to let your readers know about the Vintage Market Earth Day Sale going till April 25th. A good jumping off point is here
Also for any Michigan readers you might have the first Allegan Antique Market of the season is this Sunday It is an awesome show! And by all means stop by and say hi to the RetroStyle crew in booth 154!
I'll keep trying your jibberish box. Maybe I'll get it right next time!