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September 30, 2009

Old Crow & DIY Magazine!

We are sooo excited! DIY Magazine asked yours truly to create a project for their Shopgirl article. So, Kasey and I got to be in a photo shoot with our project and we made it to the Winter Issue. Scheduled to be on newsstands any day. Here is a sneak peak at the cover and our article. We created an ice bucket stand using a galvanized bucket, pipe, and old bicycle gears. Oh how we love our industrial look. Enjoy and Happy Junking! jojo

September 24, 2009

The Pumpkins...

The pumpkins were hung by the porch with care! One of the many things we do around Old Crow to get ready for our Harvest Junk Market is setting the atmosphere. We are busy collecting the perfect pumpkins to fill our hanging buckets that line our front porch. Junkie our scarecrow is getting kind of lonely so we need to find him the perfect pumpkin friends. We always line our old vintage feeders full of straw and pumpkins too. I am so happy to say that we have collected many of those feeders this summer, so you can have your pick of many!! We will be headed to the fields soon to gather our corn shocks and to the timber to find those funky cool green hedge apples. I love those thingys. When you arrive on market day, October 10th & 11th(just incase you forgot), our rescued treasures will be overflowing with harvested goodies. Some warm apple cider too, that sounds good! I can't wait. We missed all of you this summer and our excited to say hello. Have a great Fall day and Happy junking!! jojo

September 23, 2009


Does time ever sneak up on you and say BOO!!! At 9:08 this morning it happened to me! I knew our sale is three weeks away, but then I looked at the calendar and it scared me!! We have been working for weeks and still have a lot to do, but thats normal! What's not normal is for me to completely have lost track of time to get our flyers,mailers, and newspaper advertising out and ready!! So, you all know now what I will be doing for the next few days. If you want to help spread the word " Old Crow Sale Oct 10th & 11th" I'd love ya :) I better get going. Have a great day & Happy junking!! jojo

September 19, 2009

Tag Your It!

Before every sale one big task is making our Old Crow tags. We hand make each and every one. Just regular white tags when they start, but after dirtying them up a bit the look like these little pretties. You are looking at 400 tags and more are in the making. This isn't the finished product though. We still have to put the Old Crow stamp on all of them. It is quite a process, but we love how they look and adds a finishing touch to our rescued junk!

Only 3 weeks left until our Fall Market and we have lots to do, so we are headed to the barn to work work work! Happy Junking! jojo

September 17, 2009

Old Crow's Newest Family Member

Upon Ella's(our 3yr old) request we made a scarecrow. If she were any older she would know that mom and dad can't make anything that doesn't involve junk! So, I introduce to you our newest member of the family Junkie the scarecrow. I think he's pretty cute! Hope he brings you a little Fall inspiration, as the leaves are starting to fall here at the Crow. Happy junking!! jojo

September 14, 2009

~Save the Date~ Old Crow Harvest Sale!

September Junk Club Recap

Hello!! I'm baaack :) Yes, I took the summer off, blogging that is. I thought the best way to kick
off the new blog season would be to jibber jabber about our junk club last Friday. We made this junky FALL display. This was more of a technical club nite as our junkies had to sand their own boards, and clear coat there springs and wire. Then we made our cool grungy FALL tags too. Of course in between all of this work we had some good food and laughs. As always thanks girls for a great time! However, the night did not end there! Shortly after everyone left we got the phone call. A couple of our junkies had blown a tire close to our farm, so into the night Kasey and I went to the rescue. When we arrived, our entire junk club minus 1, were on the side of the road for moral support, it was hilarious!! The Junk Hunk changed the tire and everyone was off. It will be a long time before any of us forget this club nite. Here's some pictures from the nite and we also have video of the roadside rescue that I will try to upload too! So happy to be back:) xoxo jojo