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March 29, 2010

Faded Prairie Giveaway!!

Ok girls have you checked out Kristin's blog Faded Prairie?? Her blog and Etsy shop is amazing. You will find the yummiest of prairie junk there, I promise! Her pictures are to die for!!! She is the sweetest prairie girl I know. Its giveaway week over there and to start it off she is giving away a $25 gift certificate to yours truly Old Crow Farm! And more giveaways coming later this week. So get your junk on and head on over to Faded Prairie! Happy Junking, jojo

March 27, 2010

Junk Heaven

There is a little place that we have nicknamed Junk Heaven! It is our one junking spot that we keep a total secret. A dear friend passed this place along to us and said shhhhh don't tell! So of course we have respected her wishes. Plus, we couldn't give directions to this heavenly place even if we wanted to because there are so many twists and turns. Many of you have heard us talk about it. If any of you watch American Pickers on the History channel it's like some of places they dig through. It's amazing!! So, the junk hunk is still asleep. I am waiting to hook up to the trail and get our booties there!! Daylight is burning, but a happy junk hunk makes a happy vintage vixen! I'm envisioning a spectacular trip. One of those where you load the back of the pickup, plus the trailer, and bury yourself inside with all of your treasures. Ya know what I mean!

We had an amazing junk club last night. I am constantly inspired with what our junkies create at these events. Pictures will come, but I gotta get on the road to junk heaven. Off to go wake up the junk hunk...... it's almost 8:30....what the !@#%!

Happy junking!!


March 24, 2010

Getting Ready

Our March Junk Club is this Friday. I've been gear up for it!! The mailman delivered some of the yummiest supplies the other day. I have been wanting this beautiful bakers twine forever and junk club was the perfect excuse to order it!! Seriously, the colors are so bright and fresh. LOVE IT!! Then some fun and funky japanese tape came too, Embellishing these little journals is going to be so much fun! I need to grab a few more basic supplies, but the project is looking good!

Next, last night I finally decided on our menu for the evening. How does this junk food sound? It sounded super yummy to me, so thats that!

Greek Chicken Kabobs
A Citrus Spring Couscous Salad
Of course some yummy Naan (kinda like pita bread)

Dessert: Rosemary-Kissed Orange Thumbprint Cookies

I always enjoy coming up with the menu and try to be thoughtful of what the season has to offer. Summer is the most fun because I can use garden fresh produce from Old Crow. Anyways, then there is the least favorite thing still on the list CLEANING. So, this junker is gonna be busy the next few days. Then maybe a trip to Junk Heaven to celebrate the weekend!!

Happy Junking!

March 19, 2010

Paper or Plastic?

I'll take paper! Ok girls I may be obsessed. Ephemera is one of the most beautiful things. Whenever I can get my hands on it I do. It's so nice to have around, especially when your in a pinch and need a little added something to a project. I've been making these little paper sacks and can't get enough of them. Big, small, wide, or narrow they all come out a little different. Then finding that perfect junk embellishment for that little finishing touch is too fun. I use them for gift bags, note sleeves, and anything else I can fit in them. Since I have been obsessing over them I thought it was time to share the obsession!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Happy Junking! jojo

March 14, 2010

Playing Around

Lets just say I have wanted to play around with Photoshop FOREVER. However, Photoshop is out of this junkers price range! So, I decided to download a trial version. It probably wasn't the greatest of ideas for a few reasons. First, it is not an easy program to just jump right in and know exactly what your doing. Secondly, now I want it even more!! This lovely design was created and inspired by the beauty of old tarnished spoons. I must say I really like it. There is just something about its fresh and bright look. Just maybe it might be making it's appearance in some shape or form on Etsy and at Old Crow's May Market! xoxo,jojo

March 12, 2010

Better Than Flowers

Girls love getting flowers, right? Well, this girl does like her flowers, but give her junk and you've stole her heart. My junk hunk knows me so well. He came home the other night wheeling this awesome cart in the door. Instantly my eye's lit up and my heart was a flutter! He said "I thought you might like this to be your work table?" It is perfect!! I have wanted a mobile work table forever. Something I can wheel from room to room. Now I can follow my girls as they play. We, in our spare time, were going to make something similar to this. But, for 1 thing we never seem to find the time to work on projects for ourselves and 2nd of all this cart is industrial sweetness!!!! What's even better is he snagged this hottie for FREE!!! So, big thank you to my junk hunk.

The big project for this weekend is organizing our storage building so we can bring in more junk and checking out a local auction. Should be a normal crazy weekend @ Old Crow!

Happy Friday and Junking too!!

March 09, 2010

March Junk Club!

Yippy, Spring is on its way and so is our March Junk Club. Click here for details!!

We promise it will be a junkin good time;) xoxo, jojo

March 04, 2010

Thank You!

All of you are the most amazingly kind people!! Thank you so much for your sweet words and congrats. We are so lucky to have great friends and customers like you. Kasey and I do Old Crow because we have fun and love it, but what is most rewarding is the happiness we bring to others through junk. We are hard at work packaging and shipping everyones junk! Hope to do some junking of our own tonight and this weekend.

March is the start of the big countdown to our Spring Market. We'll be junkin hardcore and transforming from here on out. In the next few days I'll be announcing our March Junk Club so stay posted!!

Such sweet sunshine the past few days has me dreaming of warmer days and no more snow on the ground. I can already feel my spirits lifting and an extra spring in my step. Happy Junking!! jojo