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March 04, 2010

Thank You!

All of you are the most amazingly kind people!! Thank you so much for your sweet words and congrats. We are so lucky to have great friends and customers like you. Kasey and I do Old Crow because we have fun and love it, but what is most rewarding is the happiness we bring to others through junk. We are hard at work packaging and shipping everyones junk! Hope to do some junking of our own tonight and this weekend.

March is the start of the big countdown to our Spring Market. We'll be junkin hardcore and transforming from here on out. In the next few days I'll be announcing our March Junk Club so stay posted!!

Such sweet sunshine the past few days has me dreaming of warmer days and no more snow on the ground. I can already feel my spirits lifting and an extra spring in my step. Happy Junking!! jojo



We just love what you have going on at Old Crow Farm! So many great ideas and so much fun happening! Would love to attend one of your Occasional Sales someday, it would be a bit of a trek from Arlington, Washington but sooo worth the drive!

Keep up the fabulous hard work!! CIRCLE CREEK HOME