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March 27, 2010

Junk Heaven

There is a little place that we have nicknamed Junk Heaven! It is our one junking spot that we keep a total secret. A dear friend passed this place along to us and said shhhhh don't tell! So of course we have respected her wishes. Plus, we couldn't give directions to this heavenly place even if we wanted to because there are so many twists and turns. Many of you have heard us talk about it. If any of you watch American Pickers on the History channel it's like some of places they dig through. It's amazing!! So, the junk hunk is still asleep. I am waiting to hook up to the trail and get our booties there!! Daylight is burning, but a happy junk hunk makes a happy vintage vixen! I'm envisioning a spectacular trip. One of those where you load the back of the pickup, plus the trailer, and bury yourself inside with all of your treasures. Ya know what I mean!

We had an amazing junk club last night. I am constantly inspired with what our junkies create at these events. Pictures will come, but I gotta get on the road to junk heaven. Off to go wake up the junk hunk...... it's almost 8:30....what the !@#%!

Happy junking!!



Kristin said...

oh jojo...sigh...can i tag along, i'm in need of a junk fix...sigh...have a wonderful time!!

Barntiques said...

We have been gathering some great junk too! I have been very lucky this week. Check out the photos!