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March 24, 2010

Getting Ready

Our March Junk Club is this Friday. I've been gear up for it!! The mailman delivered some of the yummiest supplies the other day. I have been wanting this beautiful bakers twine forever and junk club was the perfect excuse to order it!! Seriously, the colors are so bright and fresh. LOVE IT!! Then some fun and funky japanese tape came too, Embellishing these little journals is going to be so much fun! I need to grab a few more basic supplies, but the project is looking good!

Next, last night I finally decided on our menu for the evening. How does this junk food sound? It sounded super yummy to me, so thats that!

Greek Chicken Kabobs
A Citrus Spring Couscous Salad
Of course some yummy Naan (kinda like pita bread)

Dessert: Rosemary-Kissed Orange Thumbprint Cookies

I always enjoy coming up with the menu and try to be thoughtful of what the season has to offer. Summer is the most fun because I can use garden fresh produce from Old Crow. Anyways, then there is the least favorite thing still on the list CLEANING. So, this junker is gonna be busy the next few days. Then maybe a trip to Junk Heaven to celebrate the weekend!!

Happy Junking!


leah said...

mmm, i would love to attend! perhaps another time. it's not that far from nebraska is it? i want to order some of that twine. it looks delish!

AtOneWithHim said...

Yum. Maybe you should do menu planning. It sounds divine.

pat said...

Jordan aka...... JoJo,
How did I not know before today that you had a blog. I love your Etsy shop so much and now I can also follow your junkin journeys through your blog. And it looks like I can get some great menu ideas too!
your faithful Etsy shop buyer,

Old Crow Farm said...

It so good to talk to you all!! I love hearing from you.
Ya know Nebraska and Illinois isn't that far. We are right in the middle of Iowa. I would love to meet you all.