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August 18, 2010

Junk + Family + Friends = A Great Life

This past weekend has me and junking are all a girl really needs. Old Crow is a family affair! Moms, dads, sisters, brothers, grandmas, grandpas, husbands, wives, toddlers, cousins, and friends who are like family all help in making what Old Crow is today.

Kasey and I are blessed to have all of these people in our lives. We all put in countless hours. From our moms, grandma, cousin, and aunts who help take care of our girls while we hunt, clean, and pretty up our junk to our friends who help us clean, organize, and price the many piles of junk. They are our Crow Crew!

Our barn, the junk, the smiles, the sweat, the laughter, the snuggles, the “ah ha moments”, and even sometimes the tears is what life is all about.

We love and even giggle when our family brings us junk! They have been trained to never leave a piece of junk behind. Especially, without asking Kasey or jojo first!

There will always be good junk. That I know, but family can’t be taken for granted. This weekend my dad was visiting us from Colorado. We had 3 days to enjoy with him. It turned out to be 6, one would think 3 extra days yay! But, they were spent in the hospital. On Saturday we had to take my dad to the ER. 6 hours later we found out he had blood clots and would have to stay in the hospital until today. He is doing much better and is being treated with medication. Thank god! Life truly is so precious.

Our families make Old Crow possible. With their love and support Kasey and I get to do what we love. Of course thats rescuing cool junk! This is our first big work weekend and the grandmas are on call. There’s about 4 weeks or so until the Bonanza and the Crow Crew is ready!

Happy Junking!


August 09, 2010

The Countdown

Summer has just seemed to escape me. You all know how bad I can be about blogging during the summer! Terrible I know. My summer has consisted of junking, playdates, etsy, fun in the sun, and more junking!

Normally, we only have 3 markets a year, but we could resist an longer and so we're headed to the Junk Bonanza in just a little over a month from now. We've been hoarding junk all summer long. You can always tell when a sale is getting near because our building is overflowing.

So you know what happens when the buildings full? The junk begins to creep out on to our rock drive.

This is the view of the junk pile outside it's starting to accumulate!

Lots of fun projects to complete, diamonds in the rust that need to be cleaned, sanding and sealing to be done. I'd say this next month is going to fly by! I'm hoping to get back on track with my blogging too. Sweet junk dreams to all!