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April 17, 2009


Upon request here is the recipe for the Lime Cupcakes. Are you ready? Its so super easy!

 1 box of white cake mix and make as directed
& add
 1 tablespoon Lime zest ( depending on how limey you want add more or less)

Frosting: Is from Rachel Ray here is the recipe
Instead of adding the milk I just added fresh lime juice.

Top with a little more zest and there you have Lime Cupcakes.
This is a perfect example of how good food doesn't have to be hard to prepare. Yummo! jojo


kenziebr said...

Thanks for sharing your recipe! Don't ya just love simple recipes like this!! That's my kind of cooking!

thanks again! Can't wait to bake some!

Junk Girl said...

This sound delish!! I'll be trying the recipe soon! Andrea