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October 24, 2008

Junkin Pumpkin

Your thinking "what is a junkin pumpkin?" Well, we always try to have one new crow creation at each sale, so the junkin pumpkins were the must have for the harvest sale. If your bummed you didn't get one, there's still time, just send us an email for more info.

I'm super excited because I got our harvest sale slideshow done finally! So be sure to check it out.

Tomorrow I'm off on a junk adventure. There's much to do, only 43 days until jolly junk. Until next time, Happy Junking! 


JB Knacker said...

Sorry to have missed the last sale! We had Cecilia's baptism moved up a week due to a change of plans. Love your website and now blog! Enjoy this Indian won't last long, but I do love the snow and that we get all 4 seasons here in Iowa. Jolly Junk will be a blast out in the country w/ snow. We used to do the barn sales all year long and a little snow always made things magical...a little cold, but still magical! Brenda