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February 26, 2009

~ Drawing Inspiration From My 2yr Old~

Oh the to-do list. We all have one and it seems to be growing by the minute. One of the items on my list was to get a few new things on our Etsy shop and of course I have my little helper. She is a big girl and always likes to help mommy. So, we were  getting ready to list this cutie pie vase, but we had nothing to put in it. Although, it may feel like spring outside, everything is very brown and boring. As we were looking around our living room for something I spotted Ella's construction paper flowers we had made a couple of weeks ago. However, they we're primary colors and that just wouldn't do. So we made flowers out of old sheet music. I love them I think there so whimsical and Ella said "good idea mommy", she cracks me up! I think they look so cute in the vase. Anyways  that is how I was inspired by my little helper. I think we might just make more flowers to welcome spring! Have a great day and Hope you all find a piece of cool junk that makes you smile! jojo


SweetMelissa said...

How sweet! I love your vase and flowers. Thanks for stopping by our blog...I'm liking what I see here and I'll be back soon! Happy junking...

one gal's trash said...

A few years ago, my daughter Emma made a similar flower for me out of sheet music and felt. It lives on my kitchen windowsill. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy Junking!