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February 01, 2009

chippy frame note board. Can you picture it?

I was not very productive to day. I managed to get only one project done. What do you think? I love how simplistic it is, but its super functional. Chippy frames are one of my favorite things and you can always use a note board for pictures, card, to-do lists.... So you would probably assume that I have one in my work area because I love this project so much, but you would be wrong, every single one that I have created I've sold. It's a vicious cycle do I keep it or sell it, over and over again?? And this one is going in Etsy shop! 

The rest of my day was pretty much spent eating! We went to a super bowl party at Kasey's aunt and uncles. Yummy! There was everything from sloppy joes to hot buffalo chicken dip to cookies and sweets. I don't think I need to look at food again for a week.  Well I think I shall be off to get my precious beauty sleep(ha ha!) Hope everyone had a great weekend and happy junk hunting! jojo 


Angie said...

THAT is adorable! Great idea. Thanks for the inspiration. :)


Vintage Sue said...

I've had one like this in my bedroom for years and also sell them in my shop! I can't get enough of them!!!

Every piece of junk is someone's memory. said...

I love your blog. JBknacker said it is a MUST and of course, she was right! Gotta love spring and gotta love junk!

Anonymous said...

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