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January 29, 2009

a big thanks to VRS!

  Thanks so much Sue for that great shout out you gave us!

My to do list: at the Crow today I'll be working on getting a salvaged wall organizer and wall rack ready for pictures for the shop.  I need to make more vintage stamp photo holders ready for v-day(XoxO and LOVE). And then there is always house work! Boooo

It's not even Feb. yet & I'm ready for warm sunny days! I want to open my windows and feel the gentle breeze.  I miss seeing my Old Crow friends and the flurry of activity. One of the best things about our seasonal sales is seeing our customers become friends and them just hanging out and talking on sale day. We're planning on having more help this season. One so that you don't need to wait in line as long and then also that might give the Junk Hunk and I a chance to chat with you all more.  Ahhh that was such a nice day dream I can't wait. Back to the snowy cold January day! Gotta get movin. Have a great day and happy junking! jojo



Sweet Repose said...

Did you say house-cleaning...hmmm, is it that time???

We are in the process of tearing apart my daughter's shop, readying it for another vender to move in. She is closing her shop due to lack of sales. My daughters landlord upped the rent on her last year, so this is more economical for both.

But it's still a big ARGHHHH!!!

I'm hearing the male cardinals in the morning, so maybe an early spring is on the way...we have been very lucky this year, after last year, it wouldn't take much!!! I feel for the people down South that aren't used to this crap...bummer! (welcome to our world) right...