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January 27, 2009

I didn't fall off the face of the earth and other things..

Wow, the days have escaped me. I have been busy with trying to get items on our new Etsy Shop.
You can see a few of the items off to your right. Here is the link too
I have been taking pictures like mad and the shop still is not full enough. Check back often as there will be more cool junk added.

Better late than never here are just a few pictures of items I got at the sale . 
Unfortunately, we still haven't unloaded it all yet so it was hard to get pictures. The trailer is full with street lights, cement statues, an old primitive  wood bolt bin, old billiard balls, pictures, keys, a harvest table...thats just some of the goodies. It was a terrible day to travel. The wind was howling  and the light snow danced across the highway. 

Just a quick recap. More soon to come! Happy Junking  jojo