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March 03, 2009

countdown to spring

~Countdown to Spring~

Today I am going to join Lisa B. over at  Lisa's RetroStyle and start counting down to spring! We only have a couple weeks left of Old Man Winter and good ridden I say!!  The rest of this week is supposed to be in the 50's I can't wait and I wonder if things will start to turn a little more green. Spring means more junking and fun projects!!  Here are few projects we've created for your spring gardens. 

We love our junk blossoms! Made from good old farm junk. The junk hunk made this blossom just for me as one of my mothers day gifts last year. Can't beat the gift of junk!
 And this funky thing we call a Rusty Bug. Made from a hodgepodge of salvaged items, just put him in our garden for some good old junk appeal!

It's so refreshing to think about Spring. Fun junking times await us! Happy Spring Countdown. jojo


Lisa B. said...

I had no idea what I was starting! Looks like we've got a full fledged movement of two! lol:)

Really I hadn't thought of it...but I'm glad you did. Now I've got ideas for every post for the next 17days...all Spring Countdown Theme!! Thanks JoJo!! And thanks for linking to me. I'll be watching to see if you do more Spring Coutdown posts and link to you as well. your garden art!! Junk Hunks Rule;)

one gal's trash said...

Hi JoJo!
That junk blossom makes me swoon! Just the thing for a not quite spring garden.
Bye for now!

Every piece of junk is someone's memory. said...

Wow! Thanx for including us in your blog! I am so excited to get into some junk! Please bring any fliers or sale ads so we can pass them out to our junkin friends! JB Knacker is my all time most favoritist Hero in the whold wide world. And through her, we have met you and know we can meet even MORE friends. JUNK ON!! Again, thanx