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February 19, 2009

~ Spring Cleaning ~ 

Kasey and I have been doing a little spring cleaning on our back porch. It is such a disaster area. A catch all for projects in waiting. Hopefully, someday it will be a room of its own, maybe a cute, fun, funky workshop for me. Anyways, we still have a few boxes from when we moved here over 2yrs ago. Most of the boxes we know what's in them, but this particular one we took the lid off and to our junking delight this was some of the things in it! 

My heart was a flutter when I saw these tarnished beauties! How could we have forgotten about them and the awesome green frog. Hello! I have not seen one quite like it in a very long time. The little wire wall mount basket will go perfectly in our new bathroom once it ever gets done(yes, we're doing that ourselves too). I'm trying to find the perfect spot for the tarnished pitchers(yes, I believe silver polish should be banished) they are just so beautiful the way they are! It's always so fun when you find junk treasures in your own backyard!

Off to a great sale this weekend and the trailer is ready to go. I can't wait, I need another junk fix somethin terrible! Have a great day and Happy junking. jojo


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

The tarnished pitchers are wonderful! I love the one on the left! Love it! I have boxes in my garage yet to be unpacked, as well. Unfortunately, when I look inside, I see things that I am "past", "over", no longer interested in. Ugh. Good find! ~Mindy

Lisa B. said...

Great stuff! Like finding money in the laundry. I love those old green frogs...just something about them.

Every piece of junk is someone's memory. said...

There's nothing better than junkin on your own property! Love it! Keeps the travel time down and the price is a no-haggle! I have done the same thing. And then I wonder how I could have gotten along without them! I soooo enjoy your blog. You can always get a smile outa me.