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June 30, 2010

Junk Bonanza Early Bird Ticket Giveaway!!

Junk Bonanza Early Bird Ticket Giveaway!!

Yay! To our first ever blog giveaway! We are getting super excited for the Junk Bonanza September 16th - 18th. As first time vendors we can only imagine how

much fun it’s going to be!

We wanted to share our excitement with one of you lucky junkers out there! So, we have 1 Early Bird Ticket that we are just giddy to giveaway.

Whats an Early Bird Ticket??

Thursday Sept. 16 at 8 AM / Early bird admission

Get a head start: two full hours of shopping before the doors open for general admission! Take the first shot at the best selection of junk. Be the first to see the gorgeous displays and snag the best one-of-a-kinds. Visit with Ki as she welcomes you to Junk Bonanza 2010, and watch

the sun rise.

Let the giveaway begin! Here’s the low down on whatcha need to do to win:

#1...leave us a comment letting us know what your most treasured piece of junk is! about this little early birdie giveaway...

#3...facebook or twitter....

you have until Friday July 2nd @ 7:00 p.m. cst


Can’t Wait to See you @ the Bonanza


June 29, 2010

Junk Days of Summer

Where to begin! I'm a live...... NO, I haven't fallen in a hole somewhere while junking, but it sure does seem like it. Especially, with my lack of blogging the past weeks. This summer is flashing before me like a dream. Popsicles, sunbathing by the kiddy pool, and Junking!

I have so much I want to share with you all! We have been junking like mad. Stocking up for the Junk Bonanza and our Harvest Market. Junking Rule No. 1 - NEVER go far from home without a trailer. Thanks goodness we spent Friday afternoon unloading it! We headed out early Saturday morning to a sale. You never no what to expect. It was a good sale. Lots of competition, but we held our own. However, what made the day a huge success was an invitation by an older man to stop by his building after the sale. So, when we were finished and all loaded up, we followed this guy quite a ways to his storage building.

Let me stop here and say, our Fairy Junk Mother was totally looking out for us!!**

The storage building wasn't huge, but it was hiding lots of good junk!! It was not organized. Everything was piled on top of each other. When you moved one thing, you revealed another. It was like Christmas morning for us junkers! It was a tough decision, but here are my 5 favorite finds:

We had a blast. The adventure is such a huge part of junking and an adventure we did have. More tomorrow....maybe even a giveaway!!!!

June 02, 2010

Surprise Junk Club!

It's June and we're planning our Junk Club for this month. To kick off the first club night of the summer we thought it would be fun to throw a surprise junk club. Come enjoy a summer evening in the country! There will be a yummy dinner, drinks, dessert, and hopefully a beautiful sunset.

The surprise project might be something for yourself, home, or garden. It’s not everyday that you get to enjoy a good surprise! A junkin good time will be had by all. We still have a few spots available here are the details:

Friday Night Junk Club

June 18th

7-9pm @ Old Crow

Club Fee: $40

2 spots available

Send us an email at to save a spot!

Have a beautiful day!


June 01, 2010

New and thats ok!

This past Saturday I went to one of my dearest friend's new apartment. When I walked into her living room my eyes immediately were drawn to the mantle where 3 of these beautiful frames were sitting. Now, I usually like all things old and try not to buy new accessories, but I am loving these vintage inspired photo frames by O'brien Schridde Designs.

The distressed, weathered, vintage look has had me dreaming of these frames for 4 days now. I have been pestering my poor friend to send me the link to their website. There was no way I could NOT share these beautiful handmade designs with you. An investment they are, but when they hold precious memories of family...priceless I say. So, here is the link to O'brien Schridde Designs. I hope you enjoy.

Oh ya, how about a big WOO HOO for summer!! Hot days and Cool junk is what its all about this summer at Old Crow Farm. Happy junking!