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June 01, 2010

New and thats ok!

This past Saturday I went to one of my dearest friend's new apartment. When I walked into her living room my eyes immediately were drawn to the mantle where 3 of these beautiful frames were sitting. Now, I usually like all things old and try not to buy new accessories, but I am loving these vintage inspired photo frames by O'brien Schridde Designs.

The distressed, weathered, vintage look has had me dreaming of these frames for 4 days now. I have been pestering my poor friend to send me the link to their website. There was no way I could NOT share these beautiful handmade designs with you. An investment they are, but when they hold precious memories of family...priceless I say. So, here is the link to O'brien Schridde Designs. I hope you enjoy.

Oh ya, how about a big WOO HOO for summer!! Hot days and Cool junk is what its all about this summer at Old Crow Farm. Happy junking!




Amber said...

LOVE it! Glad you like them so much too.

Anonymous said...

Not quite summer here , we've only had 2 days of sun in the month of May.
I'm anxiously awaiting!

Cari said...

Where are you located?

Old Crow Farm said...

Hi Cari! We are located in Earlham Iowa.

Indira Sánchez said...

Those Frames, are so nice, I also like old stuff and vintage style, there are beautiful, if u get that link u should share it!

Thanks and take care!