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November 05, 2009

The Pretty Little Houses

Right around this time last year I fell in love with these little vintage holiday houses. Seriously, I think they are so sweet. Produced in Germany, Japan, and Italy too. Made of cardboard they stole my heart! The junk hunk wasn't as excited as I, but ya know. Many of you spotted them at our Jolly Junk sale last year and started your own mini villages. I have been crazily buying more of these little paper houses because I just can't get enough. Be sure to keep your eye open for these paper perfections at Jolly Junk!

I can't wait for Saturday aka Junk Day. I have my eye on a sweet sale...shhh! But, before that day comes I will be nurse to my junk hunk as he is getting all 4 of his wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow. Poor thing! I'm hoping to get more Etsy work done tomorrow while he's taking it easy. Thats what's happening at your Old Crow. Jolly Junking and Stay Healthy!! jojo


Diane said...

I love these little treasures, I have been keeping my eyes out for them at local Estate sales. Have found a few, but my daughter found a whole box of them. Very fun blog, I will be back for another visit. Hugs, Diane