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November 18, 2009


(Junk Hunk)

Ok, everybody get your thinking caps on! JoJo needs a nickname, of course junk style ASAP. Think of this as a contest. There is a little gift certificate involved for the person who comes up with the name chosen. Kasey is the Junk Hunk, but what about me?? This is very important and hopefully we will be able to share with all of you soon why it is that I need one. Thanks you guys!! Jolly Junking, jojo


♥ miss.michelle said...

...are you serious? Unleaded gas only 1.99? No fair!!!



Old Crow Farm said...

No! The photo was taken in the spring, but still!!

sue (aka vintage rescue) said...

I came up with an idea this morning: Junk Genie

JB Knacker said...

Having a hard time w/ this one...but I like Sue's "junk genie" idea. Don't want it to sound too sweet or sappy or too masculine...hmmm. I'll keep thinking. Hope all is well w/ you and your family. Brenda

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

I suppose "JoJo the Junk Ho" would be a definite no?!

Just Me said...

JoJo, the Junk Punk? This is hard.

Have to think about it.

JoJo,the Junker
Jojo, Mojo Junker or Junker with Mogo
Jojo, the Gogo Junker
Jojo, The Bolo (Be on the look out) junker

Cheryl said...

You guys are so funny ... I mean funny haha, not funny wierd. Good to see you today in town. I had fun with this nickname idea, so here goes: "Jojo-a-Gogo, the spunky junkie, the queen of quirky and diva of divine junk."
You wouldn't want to keep it short now would you?

kenziebr said...

I really had to chuckle about the comment with Jo Jo the Junk has that certain rhyme to it that's soooooooo cute, but not true, and not appropriate, I know!!

I feel brain dead trying to think of something all I can come up with are goofy things...... I will keep trying to come up with something with a little jazz to it!
Junkin' JoJo
Classy Trashy
Junk Punk (to go with Junk Hunk)
The Flea Bee


beachhouse said...

Here are a couple of ideas -

Vintage Vamp

Queen JoJo of Old Crow

Sooooo waiting for the big sale tomorrow! I am bringing my 2 sisters for their first "Old Crow" experience!

Anonymous said...

Junkin' Gypsy

I know this is late - but I just logged on!! What did you decide?

beachhouse said...

Changing topics here, but I really want in on the "Junk Club"! Any details yet? I am so excited - Junk is such FUN!!! : )
- Jodie