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January 29, 2009

a big thanks to VRS!

  Thanks so much Sue for that great shout out you gave us!

My to do list: at the Crow today I'll be working on getting a salvaged wall organizer and wall rack ready for pictures for the shop.  I need to make more vintage stamp photo holders ready for v-day(XoxO and LOVE). And then there is always house work! Boooo

It's not even Feb. yet & I'm ready for warm sunny days! I want to open my windows and feel the gentle breeze.  I miss seeing my Old Crow friends and the flurry of activity. One of the best things about our seasonal sales is seeing our customers become friends and them just hanging out and talking on sale day. We're planning on having more help this season. One so that you don't need to wait in line as long and then also that might give the Junk Hunk and I a chance to chat with you all more.  Ahhh that was such a nice day dream I can't wait. Back to the snowy cold January day! Gotta get movin. Have a great day and happy junking! jojo


January 28, 2009

new hot topic on our community forum

Topic Teaser: But I can't help it!

January 27, 2009

Shop Old Crow All The Time on Etsy!

These are some of the newest items added to our Etsy Shop! Perfect timing for a little valentines day gift! jojo

I didn't fall off the face of the earth and other things..

Wow, the days have escaped me. I have been busy with trying to get items on our new Etsy Shop.
You can see a few of the items off to your right. Here is the link too
I have been taking pictures like mad and the shop still is not full enough. Check back often as there will be more cool junk added.

Better late than never here are just a few pictures of items I got at the sale . 
Unfortunately, we still haven't unloaded it all yet so it was hard to get pictures. The trailer is full with street lights, cement statues, an old primitive  wood bolt bin, old billiard balls, pictures, keys, a harvest table...thats just some of the goodies. It was a terrible day to travel. The wind was howling  and the light snow danced across the highway. 

Just a quick recap. More soon to come! Happy Junking  jojo

January 16, 2009

Need a Junk Fix!!

Yippy, We got a new camera! Even though it was just few days that we were without one it seemed like forever! We took your suggestions and got a Canon. I think we are going to be very happy with it.

Many of you know how cold and snowy it has been this week and the girls and I have been cooped up in the house. I am sooo ready for a junk fix and score!! We found an awesome sale for this weekend. We just hope our trailer isn't stuck in the snow! That won't stop us though ( You maybe surprised at this but I don't know how to pull the trailer, so hence my New Years Resolution is to learn how. ) 

We have decided that our new JuNk SHoP needs more web traffic, so one of my winter projects is to set up shop on Etsy ( It's an awesome site, I love it, and maybe a little obsessed. I will let you know when it is up and running.  There are always so many ideas and projects running through my head, if I only had more time......

Hope you all have a great weekend. Happy junking!! jojo 

January 12, 2009

What's Next

So I have been kinda bumming  it for the past few days.  A couple things have happened and its left me wondering what's next.  First, I have been terribly sad that they have cancelled Country Home magazine. Old Crow had just start doing their Cool Junk projects for later this year.  No magazine = No Cool Junk projects, bum me.  It was such a great outlet for us. Our minds are constantly thinking junk.

Next, I know that I have been lacking in the picture department on here, but now it's gonna really be lacking. Yesterday, Kasey took our little one sledding and broke the digital camera. So we'll be looking for another one. Any good recommendations?? Enough of my complaining.  I feel much better now!

I just received some of  my junk bling supplies. So I'll be working on that this week. Happy Junking!jojo

January 08, 2009

I did it!!

I am so proud of myself!! Yes I'm a little excited. In the 2009 Junk Hunt post I said it would be great if I could set up a community forum or message board, but there was no way because I wasn't a computer guru.  Well, I'm still not a guru, but I managed to set up an Old Crow community forum. Yippy!!  It's called Junk Jibberish.  This way all of you junkers can talk trash with your fellow  junkers and crow crew. The first hot topic is the Junk Hunt.  Spread the junk love and tell your friends! Here's the link to Junk Jibberish  Have a great day and lets talk some trash!! jojo

January 07, 2009

What do you do when its cold outside?

Today was rather brisk and I must say that I am wishing for just one major snow fall. Yes, I maybe crazy, but I could really go for like 10" of  the white stuff.  I want to be snowed in ! However, the forecast has other ideas it's supposed to be almost 40 on Friday.

Since it was cold out and my little ones are battling colds I decided to stay in for the day. So what did we do you ask? We baked cookies(chocolate chip, coconut, sunflower seed) yes it is all one cookie and they are like heaven in your mouth.  Baking with little ones is so much fun, my two year old had flour all over her.

After the cookies were out of the oven it was time to go junkin. There is nothing like doing this from the comforts of your sofa. I went online. I love finding little do da's here and there.  I think I have an obsession with old game cards with letters on them because  I added a bunch  to my cart. Then I found some funky retro do da's to use for a jewelry experiment. Every where I go I see junk jewelry so I think its time Old Crow got some bling. My hopes are that it will be bright splashes of color and fun as can be, perfect for spring fever!! Now I just have to wait for them to arrive. Happy Junking! jojo

January 06, 2009

2009 Junk Hunt

Let the 2009 Junk Hunt begin! Ok, so I know it sounds like something official, but really its just the title of my list of  junk I want to find this year. Here is a picture of a few things that I would like to find more of this year:

*The bowl is made by Catherine Holm she designed enamelware in the 70's. It's absolutely funky kitchenware.

*Then I want more funky coffee mugs pyrex or fire king
*Of course European Ironstone. I would love to find a butter dish with lid!

So, these are just a few things to get the 2009 Junk Hunt list started. I would love to know what you are on the hunt for this year. Just leave a comment. Its easy, you know you want to! If I was a computer guru  I would set up a community board, but I'm not :(   Hope your 2009 is off to a great start.  Happy hunting! jojo