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January 07, 2011

Save The Date!

Yay! Its almost time for our February Market. Our Junk pile is overflowing again. Lots of work to be done this month and so much junk to fill into the shop. So save the date. A perfect time to buy your sweetheart a little junk for the big V-Day!

I have to admit, our junk pile can never be piled high enough. We haven't been to an auction in a while and tonight's the night! We are totally pumped and ready to scope out some cool junk. With any luck will fill up our truck and add to the pile. Hope you have a great weekend! jojo


The Primitique said...

I hope the auction rocks! ~Mindy

Domestica said...

Please tweet reminders just before this. I really wanna come out.

she dreams big! said...

So where in Iowa is this junk market? Please don't tell me it way on the east side cuz I really, really want to come!