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April 16, 2010

Tonight's Junk Club

Tonight's Junk Club is gonna be fun!! We are making our salvaged wire note boards. It's not a crazy intensive project, but we like to create fun and different junk, plus you get to go home with a super cool piece that you create! Today will be consumed by baking, chopping, and a little cleaning.
This time I really didn't decide on our menu until yesterday, which is cutting it way to close. So, for this evenings menu our junkies will be served:)

~Junk Food~

Smoked Brisket
Jalapeno Pepper Creamy Cheesey Corn (really it's yummy)
Coleslaw with a twist
Tomato Poppers

For dessert......Poppyseed Cake with a dusting of powdered sugar

I think I'm gonna be busy today. Hopefully, the girls will help mommy lots! This weekend let the work begin. We'll be washing, scrubbing, sanding, organizing, creating, painting....the list could go on and on!

Have a great weekend & Happy junking,


Victoria Takahashi said...

sounds fun and delicious!!!