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February 26, 2010

Happy Friday!!

We have been bursting at the seams to tell you this for 2 months and now we finally can. Now until Monday morning we are Etsy's Featured Seller!! This is such a huge honor and we are so excited to be asked. It has been crazy around here trying to build up our inventory. If you want to check out our interview just click here!

Hope you all have a great weekend. Full of good junking!!



February 23, 2010

Favorite Occasional Sales!

This afternoon Kasey came home with a copy of Flea Market Style. We actually sat on the couch together and flip through it, so sweet I know! We are so excited that we got a mention in the magazine. Check out page 12. Old Crow is listed as one of their favorite occasional sales!!!

As we flipped through the pages we noticed a section devoted to old funnels. Now, if you have been to our sales before you may have noticed a few, maybe several, ok a lot of funnels! My junk hunk has funnel fetish. He thinks their totally cool. This past summer one of our dearest friends and a member of our Crow Crew was teasing us about how many funnels we had. So, now you all know why and if your in the market for some wicked cool funnels be sure to come see us May 15th & 16th for our first occasional sale of 2010.

Hope you all have a great week and Happy junking!



February 18, 2010

Do I share?

Yesterday afternoon I had to make a quick trip into town. I left the girls with Kasey. Oh how I love those few precious minutes of quiet time. Me, myself, and I decided to swing by a little shop that I hadn't been to in awhile. It was so nice to just look around, take my time, with no distractions! I stumbled upon this little ironstone piece. Many of you know my love affair with ironstone. I can't pass it up! Especially if its worn and crackley. Once upon a time it must have had the most beautiful lid, but most likely was broken at some point and it's delicate little handles too. I had to bring it home. To make it even sweeter the shop owner gave me $2 off. I love me a good bargin!! So, now the I keep it for myself or share it with my customers who also adore ironstone? Right now its awaiting some beautiful Spring flowers. We'll have to see if I can part with it.



February 12, 2010

I heart Repurposing!

We heart repurposing! Junking and repurposing just go together. So, on this lovely Friday I thought I would share two super easy repurposed shelving ideas! We kinda like to be different and try new, easy, and fun things on our walls. While out on our junk hunts we see lots of old child ironing boards. Some are metal and some are wood, it doesn't matter. When it came time to decorate Ella's room this one was sitting in there and the "ah ha" moment happened. Lets put it on the wall. So of course the Junk Hunk made it happen! It only holds a few things, but we think its super cute. However, I think we need to move it because jumping on the bed seems like a lot of fun to the girls these days and I'm afraid their going to bump their heads!

Same thing happened with this idea. We were setting up Lulu's room and this mid century plant stand was just sitting there. I think by placing it on the wall it shows of the modern design really well and it's a great space saver too! Next time your thinking you need some shelving don't forget to check out your junk pile. There might just be the perfect thing waiting.

Hope you all have a Happy Valentines Day!



February 03, 2010

February Junk Club!

The Project...

Wow, February is already here. You know what that means... It's time for another junk club!! This month I thought it would be fun to make covered button push pins and paperclips using sweet vintage fabric. We'll sneak a little cork project in the mix too!
*If you have some old sentimental fabric you would like to use bring it too! All supplies and dinner is included*

Come hungry, as we'll have a little dinner for you too! Good Junk + Good Food = Good Times!!

Club Fee: $40
Friday, February 26th
7:00 - 9:00
7 spots available

Email to sign up @!