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February 18, 2010

Do I share?

Yesterday afternoon I had to make a quick trip into town. I left the girls with Kasey. Oh how I love those few precious minutes of quiet time. Me, myself, and I decided to swing by a little shop that I hadn't been to in awhile. It was so nice to just look around, take my time, with no distractions! I stumbled upon this little ironstone piece. Many of you know my love affair with ironstone. I can't pass it up! Especially if its worn and crackley. Once upon a time it must have had the most beautiful lid, but most likely was broken at some point and it's delicate little handles too. I had to bring it home. To make it even sweeter the shop owner gave me $2 off. I love me a good bargin!! So, now the I keep it for myself or share it with my customers who also adore ironstone? Right now its awaiting some beautiful Spring flowers. We'll have to see if I can part with it.