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January 08, 2010

Cabin Fever

Is there anybody out there? I am a prisoner in my own house. Snowed in...... waiting for the plow to come by. We had another 6 or so inches of snow on Wednesday. Followed by 40mph winds, which lead to major drifting!! My junk hunk couldn't even make it home yesterday. And now we are in the deep freeze!

I don't care what the weather is tomorrow, jojo is going junking!!!! Do you hear that Old Man Winter? I am leaving my house!!!!!! That is if the plow comes by.....

I have been totally dragging my feet about our Junk Club project for this month. I WILL be making a decision today. Watch the website for club night date and if your signed up for the JC Newsletter, you'll get the email first.

Hope all of you are staying warm and safe. Have a great weekend! jojo


JB Knacker said...

Snowed in here, too! I'll wait one more hour for the snowplow and then I'm getting out there and going through the process of driving the Jeep into a drift, getting out and shoveling, driving the Jeep into...well you get the idea (we have a 1/2 mile lane). I haven't had much of a chance to flip and set the shop this week, so going to put a lot of things on sale tomorrow to make up for it!! Take care and keep warm! Brenda

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are snowbound. We had that last year and it really cramped getting out on my junkin' trails.
I'm hoping for that snowplow!

Barntiques said...

I need to get on your newsletter emails. I too feel like I have been snow in for too long. Hope it is a great start to a wonderful new year. (Guess I should have been blogging and saving for the warmer days ahead). Happy new year!