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June 02, 2009


Hmmm yes, I have been very silent lately. Trying to get back on track. We haven't been doing a ton of junking the past few weeks since our sale. Sometimes you have to stop and take care of home life. It's been nice. We have our veggie garden pretty much done, well as done as its gonna get. This year we wanted to make raised beds and you know every project always takes longer than expected. Our little Ella is such the farmer. She loves to play in the dirt, yet just this morning she wanted here little toes painted. A girlie girl and farm girl at heart. So, yes we've been selfish and taking a little time for stuff around the farm. I purchased this sweet shelving unit @ JB knacker(most awesome shop ever!), but the frame was brown. So we painted it with this splash of sunshine and I absolutely love it. It sits in our living room. Thanks Brenda!!
Like I said no hard core junking has taken place. Which means we haven't looked to hard for anything, but we did get a load in Winterset the other day. An old gate, shutters, a sweet little primitive bench, a wooden cuppala, some chippy lattice, feeders, little vintage bottles, and some mid century racks. After that little trip, a very friendly little birdie showed us the way to another little place where we found: old traffic signs, a few cool milk crates, old street signs, and some rusty little baskets. So, 2 pick up loads not too bad! This weekend is the kick off to hard core junking! I think the junk hunk & I may have to go two different directions to take advantage of all the junk happenings. I will post a few later to day or tomorrow.

Nothing like the longest post ever! Thats what I get for not posting in a week. Our little junk shop on Etsy has been keeping us super busy too. We just celebrated our 100th sale! When we started we didn't know what to expect and now I'm seriously addicted!

I know a few of you who check here often and I'm sure you've totally been wondering what's up, but I am back in full force. More to come...Thank you so much to all of you who read my little rambling. I love to do it and love to read about your lives too! Happy junking jojo


JB Knacker said...

Hey Jordana,
I'm one of those that check your site often (ok...all the time)...just love it! Thanks for the shout out about the shop. Your splash of sunshine on that brown metal is just what it needed! June at the Schwagers is a little bit nutty...3 girls out for softball, one girl in driver's ed, 2 girls working at Fareway, the big boy home from college and baby Cecilia everywhere! One day at a time, one day at a time...just gotta keep telling myself. I'll get some pictures up of the shop ASAP to lure you this way. Happy junking and congrats on your guys are really working it! Brenda

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Good for you! I know living life is even more important, believe it or not, than blogging. Seriously! I wanna see the painted toenails! Good to hear from ya. ~Mindy