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May 19, 2009

Spring Fling!

Finally, I present to you our Spring Fling!! We were running around crazy for a week. Friday is always our setup day and unfortunately it was very wet, but we managed. We had our best sale ever and an awesome turn out.

We want to give a huge Thank You to all of our wonderful customers & fans. We love what we do and you make it possible! So many of you came up to us with such sweet comments. You all will never know how much it means to us. This is our passion & we love to see everyone having so much fun!!

We are gearing up for our 2nd junk club this Friday nite & then we're off on our next junk adventure to find more goodies for the next OC sale!! xoxo jojo

PS. thank you to all of our wonderful family who helped us in so many ways to make this Spring Fling Fly!!


one gal's trash said...

Hey Jojo,
The sale looked fab! I especially love the big old metal garden flowers...Fun!

JB Knacker said...

What a great looking Sale!! Very sorry Neal & I couldn't get w/ 6 kids is catching up w/ us! I really could have used the big dose of inspiration. Keep up the wonderful job...people are loving it!! Brenda

Anonymous said...

You have the best junk! I love the glider - they never are for sale here in Oregon. So glad it went well for you, Sue