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November 01, 2010

The Secrets Out!

We can't keep it in any longer!! Kasey and I are so excited to tell you that we are the proud new owners of an old building in Earlham. This is our biggest rescued find yet!  She needs a lot of demo and some paint, but its going to be beautiful.  Hidden above the drop ceiling is the original tin ceiling!!  Beneath layers of carpet is the original wood floors. Yes, there will be lots of before, during, and after pictures to come!! 

So, what does the future look like for Old Crow Farm? First, our shop name will be Rescued Junk by Old Crow Farm. Be looking for our new/old name. Next, our plan right now is to have monthly occasional sales, so there will be no more waiting months in between!  And the most important question when will we open? Get ready, get set for Jolly Junk! Yes, we will open our doors on December 4th for our Jolly Junk vintage market! 

For those of you who have missed our Junk Clubs for the past few months we will have a December club night that will be announced very soon! We are very excited that this will be the first Junk Club in our new building and even better you get to shop!!

We are so thankful for all of you who come to our markets and etsy shop. Junk is what we love and its so much fun to see all of your happy faces. We hope that you will come visit us on December 4th to celebrate the season and check out Rescued Junk by Old Crow Farm.

Jojo & Kasey


Kristin said...

Congratulations!! i'm thinking a little trip is in order!! ;0)
can't wait to see photos...


Sue (Vintage Rescue) said...

AWESOME! I'm sooooo happy for you two! I smell a summer roadtrip! Love the new look of the blog, and can't wait to read about your adventures!!!!

Cassie said...

Congrats! What an exciting venture for wishes!

Anonymous said...

This is so great! I look forward to seeing the new digs (and hopefully not getting really lost on the way). Congratulations!


How exciting! Love your blog and Etsy shop, can't wait to see the pictures of your new building, congratulations.

VintageLalo said...

Hey guys, just became a Follower
of your great junkin' blog, am a fan of your Etsy shoppe too...Congrats on your new barn acquisition...Sure bet it will be sooooo vintagey cool, can't wait for pix! Cheers! Lalo.