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July 08, 2009

A Crow's View

This morning I am enjoying the view. One of the reasons I had to have our house was because of this view. I am sitting at our little picnic table listening to the birds singing, the buzz of a bumble bee, and a gentle breeze keeps me cool. 

Thanks to wireless internet this is my outdoor studio today! If it doesn't storm that is.  Perfect the girls can play, I can work, and we're all happy!
Cleaning, creating, and photography is on the agenda today! Take a moment to enjoy your view.  Happy junking!! jojo


Barntiques said...

Always love the way you capture the moment. It looks serene. Good thing that the photos don't show the humidity. Hope all is well!

jessica, a miniature rhino said...

a beautiful view! very envious- this is where i imagine myself, grass and trees, being outdoors, but i live in nyc. just saw you on the etsy FP! congrats!